Consumer Preferred
    Brand Support

      Consumer Preferred

      Over 700 farms strong, Prairie Farms Dairy is uniquely farmer owned. People overwhelmingly prefer products designated as farmer owned over those that are not and feel that those products are of higher quality.

      **Consumer research shows that people feel the Prairie Farms
      brand is…

      • FRESH
      • RELIABLE
        would purchase a  product designated as  ’farmer-owned’ over one that is not **
         feel ‘fresh’ & ‘local’ dairy products are higher in quality **

      “Cultural interest in all things local, in particular small farm agricultural products has gained significant traction. Public interest in local products dovetails with consumers’ ongoing desire for higher quality products and food experiences.” ***

      People expect QUALITY and VALUE!

      Prairie Farms brand attributes as defined by customers ** align with critical purchase attributes ... ****

      • Price of Product

      • Quality

      • Personal / Family Member Preference

      We offer a standardized product line of frozen dessert mixes meeting a variety of application and dietary needs, and will custom develop formulas given the right opportunity. 


      ** Consumer survey executed via Zoomerang, June 2009. Questions were focused on brand attributes and purchase attitudes/preferences.
      *** Source:  Hartman Group, Inc., HartBeat, March 2009:  The Hartman Group is a research and consulting firm specializing in quantitative and
      qualitative information to understand consumer lifestyle and purchasing patterns, including how they live, what they buy and where they shop.
      **** Source: Information Resources, Inc. 2009. “Consumer Dynamics Survey.”